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I was born and raised in Southern California where I spent much of my childhood in a religious cult and had minimal contact with people outside of the church. Though my family was eventually excommunicated from the church, the feeling of “otherness” has never left me. In 2015, I received my BA from California State University, Los Angeles; it was there that I was first introduced to the magic of ceramics, and have been dancing with the devil ever since. After graduating, I continued pursuing my interest in ceramics albeit mostly via the self-taught, learn through failure method. A method I still use to this day. 

I currently live and work in Portland, Oregon.  


My upbringing has a huge impact on how I approach art and my process. Religion and otherness are major themes in my work. Although I am now a staunch atheist, I find religious symbolism too compelling not to use as a means of personal storytelling. Otherness is manifested in the use of misunderstood creatures and isolation. Influenced by momento mori paintings, theses anthropomorphic sculptures contain warnings through expressions of pain and object symbolism. I use porcelain to render these tableaus because of it’s delicate yet austere qualities. A material so fragile yet impenetrable is a perfect vehicle for expressing the personal tether between growth and pain. 


Lorren Lowrey sculpting at residency in Greece

Skopart residency in Skopelos, Greece 2022

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